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Chan Wa Cyber Corridor


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The Chan Wa Cyber Corridor is Our ICT Vision


Strategic planning and implementation

Challenges encountered




This ICT Vision incorporates a few layers:

ICT Planning, Management and Administration

Software Development, Evaluation, Acquisition and Implementation

ICT Training and Courses

The Physical ICT Resources

The Human ICT Resources

The Physical Link

The Vision

The Chan Wa Cyber Corridor is a very realistic Vision, a dream if you wish, that was conceived in 1997 to address the future development of our school’s I.T. needs. It has undergone many revisions, and will continue to be revised as our needs change.

The name has to be sufficiently good sounding, to give it a good image for us to strive towards. It has to be something worth working towards, to give us a sense of honest pride. It has to be higher than us. But it is not too high. Yet it has to be within our grasp. Otherwise, school life is a drudgery of day-to-day shortsighted, mundane tasks and petty quarrels.

The vision incorporates past, present and future computer purchases, many parts of which have already come true. Since the vision was conceived, the school has bought more computers for the Computer Room, the Office, the Library, Science Lab, K.H., and the Pusat Sumber.

Since its conception, we already have established a network in the computer room, connected to the INTERNET, developed our Home Page, and added an Internet Station for our Cyber Café project. Isn’t that great progress.

In fact it is more real than our national Multimedia Super Corridor, because we are not that ambitious. Some concepts may be difficult to grasp, but all the technologies conceived are well within our financial and technical capability to achieve, now and in the future.



The objectives of CWCC involves 6 fields of development:


ICT Planning, Management and Administration

Currently, the Computer Club personnel are planning the ICT needs of certain segments of the school, such as training courses for teachers and students. The Club also tests new technology and provides an unofficial ICT vision of the School.

There is no coordinated Management and Administration of ICT resources for the school as a whole, except as driven by the principal as and according to needs and available financial resources. Our principal has been very supportive and understanding in making these resources available to us.

Software Development, Evaluation, Acquisition and Implementation

We at Chan Wa make every effort to develop our own software for our ICT needs. Our ICachievements are small, but growing each day. We try to develop software for our School Administration as far as time and resources permit. Some of our software are among the best in the world. Some of our applets are already world-class, though we have not pursued certification or recognition.

We avoid use of pirated software as far as we can.

Our principal has acquired some original, licensed software to serve our basic needs.

Implementation of our software is well coordinated and well managed. An event such as entering the School examination results is a time-critical operation; results must be entered and processed within a small window of time, otherwise it defeats the purpose of IT benefits.

ICT Training and Courses

We have conducted a few computer courses for the academic and non-academic staff, and these are on-going events every year. Some courses are conducted by our own staff. We also have the privilege of involving external computer institutes in our training programmes for teachers.

We are also conducting courses for students, though this is yet a low-key event because of the lack of computers in our Computer Room, as well as lack of teaching staff. We hope to enlist the help of outside computer training institutes.

In recent times, the Ministry of Education has organised many ICT training courses for teachers. Hence this part of the program has in many ways been superseded by the Ministry. However, the training involves the basic ICT topics such as the use of Microsoft Office.

Our current training involves topics that are related to graphics and networking.

The Physical ICT Resources

We have been acquiring more and more computers each year for the Computer Room, the Office, the Library, and the Laboratories. Our IT investment is moderate at this stage.

The Human ICT Resources

A few of our teachers have been active in the implementation of  ICT in our school. The number of teachers in CWCC involved has increased from one to five over the years.

The Physical Link

The Chan Wa Cyber Corridor is a grand design to link up all the computers in the school in a vast internal INTRANET, with a firewall link to the INTERNET. Our EXTRANET concept extends up to the up-coming Chan Wa Branch School

The Physical link has been tested and demontrated in 1998. It was officially launched by our Chief Minister. Few truly understand the significance of that event!

The current design of the Chan Wa Cyber Corridor is still in a very fluid state, as there is no direction from the administration as yet on the future of this concept. It is the VISION of what the Computer Club plans for the school.

Nevertheless, all purchases in the Computer Room have taken this concept into consideration. All our computers are network ready, and our computers are linked in a local area network. This year, we will be adding an Internet Station which will provide us with a core INTRANET for testing and use. This will later be routered to another LAN through a gateway to form a larger INTRANET within the Computer Room.The core INTRANET will be linked to a large Local Area Network(LAN) consisting of 20+1 computers to be supplied by the Ministry of Education. These form the Computer Room LAN.

The Computer Room LAN forms the gateway to the INTERNET for a large network of networks within the school premises:

The School needs to draft a coordinated IT conceptual picture of all future IT investments.


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Created By SMJK Chan Wa

Computer Club Students & Internet Team

Officially Launched on April 1999

Last Updated:06/01/05