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The objectives of CWCC involves 6 fields of development:

These objectives represent the challenges faced by our school in implementing the vision of CWCC.


The initial training of teachers involves the introduction of basic courses in computer application that involve the following topics:

Starting and shutting down of computers

Using the Windows Operating System

Using Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

This portion of the training sessions have been completed.


Our current training involves use of the INTRANET facilities in the Computer Room. This involves training in

Starting the Network

Starting the Server

Sharing of folders


Training for students involve the following courses

Visual Basic

Visual C++

Java Applets

html for Web Page Design

Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Director



The current usage now focuses on the use of scanners to scan graphics and text. Emphasis will be put on the techniques to create good graphics and proper scanning of text for use in preparation of teaching materials.


We aim to develop software that uses the latest developments in software engineering. Our current focus is on using Microsoft's .NET Framework and the C# Language.


This forms the backbone of the School INTRANET system that uses INTERNET technology and TCP/IP. The network will be used as the platform for students and teachers to study networking, including setting up a network and sharing of folders.


We needed to create an account to access the Internet.

Our initial access was through Jaring using a serial modem. We later added an Internet Station for sharing the Internet Access. Now we have Broadband Access through TMNET Streamyx. We have been struggling to convince the administration to allow us access to the School Net.


Our research efforts have focused upon software development. Our future efforts will involve computer hardware interfacing and robotics.




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