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Welcome to the Web Site of SMJK Chan Wa, Seremban.

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Sekolah Menengah Chan Wa

A New Vision Has Erupted

in Chan Wa

Chan Wa Online is devoted to the development of Sekolah Menengah Chan Wa, Seremban. The Vision of Chan Wa Online is to provide a means for communication between this school and the outside world. The outside world includes people who want to know about our school, about what we are, our mission, what we are doing inside our school compounds, as well as what we can contribute to our community and our nation. The outside world also includes our beloved students who have contributed generously to our school.

Many of our school students have graduated and are leaders in their communities and in our country. Through Chan Wa Online, we hope to bring our school alive in the thoughts of our former students who love our school.

Chan Wa Cyber Corridor  was the Vision of the Computer Development in the school while Mr Yip was Chief Advisor to the Computer Club from 1996 to 2000.

Discovery Science Center is a new concept, a new Vision, aimed mainly at the generation of exciting new interest in the study of Science, which is  much neglected in this school. Watch out for its NEW Web Site!

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 Our electronic magazine, e-Mag, will archive past activities, and provide an avenue for students and teachers to express their creativity in the arts. e-Mag now takes on a new role as the active component of Chan Wa Online, as the Vision of the History of Chan Wa come alive!

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e-Education will now be hosted at the new Web Site of Discovery Science Center, where we discover new ways to teach science. Discovery Science Center will be our avant garde site, using the latest technology in Web Page design. This year, 2001, we will be adding a new feature, e-Humanities, which will feature teaching of History and Geography on the Web.

In order for our school to prepare for the use of ICT, we have organized many staff ICT training programs. With the addition of ten new computers in 2001, fully networked, we are pursuing a more aggressive tarining schedule.

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Our cultural heritage is preserved in the various clubs on the arts.

Many have emailed us on various aspects of our Web Site. We shall attempt to answer these queries in the Q & A pages.

Many have asked about career guidance on I.T. further education. We have collected some info which we hope will be useful to you.

The year 2000 has been a black year for us in terms of I.T. development. Five years of Computer Development had been wiped out in a disaster. But we will not cry over spilt milk. Beginning 2001, we are going to start afresh from scratch. We are looking forward to some exciting new developments in I.T. usage, with new proposals.We also have some fantastic courses lined up this year.

In 2001, our new principal, Mr Tan Lye Kiat, is the most progressive of all principals in our school. His policies has encouraged creativity and great progress in the field of Information Technology. No other principal has suceeded in expanding our school computer facilities to a well-equiped computer lab which is fully functional with networking and broadband Internet Access.

We welcome suggestions from our students and teachers to make this Home Page an effective means of learning and exchange of ideas, to make our school and community a better place to be. In fact, if you are a student or a teacher in this school, and you can help us to improve our Web Site, you are welcome to join our Web Team! Viva la Chan Wa !

From the pen of the Webmaster of Chan Wa Online


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1999 Sekolah Menengah Chan Wa, Seremban.

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