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Chan Wa Cyber Corridor

Challenges Encountered and how we overcame them

Main Obstacles

Implementing a major program such as CWCC encountered many challenges which at times threatened to destroy the whole program. Sometimes it encountered resistance from past administrations because of the fear of the power of CWCC to overshadow the administration! In fact there is really nothing to fear because CWCC aims at the overall development of ICT education in the school.

The greatest challenge that CWCC faced is the persuasion of the administration to accept the concept of the program. As it is heavily focused on ICT, most administrators found it difficult to grasp the overall concepts as well as the objectives of the program. However, we found that the administrators were more receptive as the outcomes from the program became more obvious as the program progressed from concept to practical implementation.

Our school does not enjoy the supply of free computers from the Education Ministry of Malaysia. Therefore we have to obtain funds from various sources. It means that we are always short of computers for the implementation of CWCC. Nevertheless we have successfully launched a few projects through the sharing of computers.

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