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People have asked....

What is this stupid thing called Chan Wa Cyber Corridor?

Chan Wa Cyber Corridor is a Vision, a good dream, that has been used to picture development of Information Technology in our School, from 1995 to 2000. It has been used as the inspiration for computer software development until July 2000. We need to dream of good things, and not be bothered by the everyday humdrum of petty quarrels, or of worldly pursuits. The world is the way it is today because there have been great people out there in the past, in history, who dreamed of good dreams that made a better world for us. Chan Wa Cyber Corridor has been the practical and realistic dream of a small group of people in Chan Wa, who have dared to dream and realised some good things for the School. Our next dream is the DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTRE! Come, Dream with us!

Why do you use such a high sounding name, are you bonkers?

Most excellent student, who would be inspired to work for a dull, boring and inglorious name!?

When is your futile dream of computers in every classroom going to come true?

Do not limit your understanding of this very important concept to what you understand as a computer. Work has been in progress in the past few years to build this concept in the Computer Room. As most people understand computers to be, a computer in every classroom will be damaged, vandalised and missing within 30 days! Our concept is more noble, and more avant garde. But we will tell you more only if the project is approved and developed.

Why do you keep so many old pictures, we are all already graduated?

We are retaining some old pictures that are timeless or are very good for a historical record of our school's past happenings. New pictures will be added as they come to us. Some old pictures will eventually be phased out as we get better pictures. Thank you for gracing our school, and the pages of this Web Site.


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Created By SMJK Chan Wa

Computer Club Students & Internet Team

Officially Launched on April 1999

last update: 07/21/01