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Chan Wa Online

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History of Chan Wa Online


As a student personal project, Law Wei Kee built a Web Site for the school, and made online on geocities.


The principal, with the backing of the Parent Teachers Association directed the Computer Club to produce the first Official Web Site.

March 1999

Chan Wa Online was launched on Much of the work then was based on material garnered from the first student project


Chan Wa Online begins to evolve, including many of the exciting features of the Web. It is hoped that our Web Site becomes an official tool of communication to the outside world. This means that the Web Site is not the work of just the WebMaster, or of any single Department. It should involve all four departments in the school for Web Administration.

19 Mar 2000

Our first original Java Applet is published.

1 Aug 2000

A new Web Site for Discovery Science Centre will pursue the development of creativity and excellence in Science.

13 Sep 2000

Home Page files destroyed by unauthorised personnel in the Computer Room.

20 Sep 2000

e-Mag becomes Vision of Chan Wa's history

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Created By SMJK Chan Wa

Computer Club Students & Internet Team

Officially Launched on April 1999

last updated: 07/21/01