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Paradigm Shifts in the Role of I.T. in Chan Wa

The time has come for the school to re-think its concept of Computer Development. In the past the Computer Club was the driving force behind much of the computer development of the school. As more teachers come to our school, and are competent in the use of computers, the school must think of the Computer Club as only ONE of the many computer functions and activities. Apart from the Computer Club, there are other Information Technology Functions, which will be the responsibility of different teachers. These separate functions include Data Processing, Web Site Development and Administration, Examinations Processing, School Registration and Administration, Course Development, Department Administration, Teacher Development Activities, Staff Development Activities and  Student Club Activities. Chan Wa Online will no longer be a function of the computer club. It will have contributions from all student societies, all the teachers and the school administration, not just the students alone.

The Computer Club will now be an ordinary school club, just like every other club and society in the school, dealing with student activities.

Software development has ceased in the Club, but will later resume as part of the activities of the Discovery Science Center.

For five years, the Chan Wa Computer Club, led by the current WebMaster, has followed the latest trend in Computer Technology. We have developed very advanced technologies in management of data and networking. We have even started work on LINUX, and the use of JAVA technologies in our daily work and Web design. New teachers, whatever their paper qualifications, have a lot to learn from us, before they can grasp the depth and breadth of our work.

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