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The WebMaster is the Chief Advisor to the Computer Club. He is also a Physics Teacher, a Science Teacher. That's all. He supervises the software development and implementation of his programs in the School.  He programs in dBase, Cobol, Assembly language, Pascal, Basic, C-language, Visual C++, HTML, Java. Among his systems are Authoring Tools for lesson planning and development, Examination Processing Systems, Class Registration Systems, Data file conversions, data imports and exports, Web Sites, Stock Control Systems, Payroll Systems. He has developed gateways for the transfer of data between IBM and ICL mainframes. Among his masterpieces are on-line systems that reads news over modem lines and provide matching of stock names from English to Chinese Characters. And has been awarded for his efforts. He specializes in network systems, communications and text processing. Another masterpiece is the only graphics runtime module in the world to generate vector graphics on the mbc-550 system. He has managed a group of teachers in a certain school and generated RM9000 in revenues for five years. Developing world-class Physics applets are now his latest toys. And many, many more which he does not want to tell you. But he does not consider himself a computer expert. Because he finds most "experts" he has met with do not know what they do not know, and do not know what they think they know! He only teaches those who think they do not know and want to know what they do not know. In his spare time, he reads all kinds of books on history, politics, religion. He has performed on stage, and is a worship leader.

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