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The Year 2000

Minggu Sains - 26 Mac-4 Apr

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The Chan Wa Robot

00robot2.JPG (13470 bytes)Students learn electronics in action!

The Sports Day

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Culture at its best!smallnew.gif (926 bytes)

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Discovery Science Centre

00robot1.JPG (11109 bytes)Bulan Discovery

Arts Students Enjoying a Scientific Project

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Showtime in Chan Wa!

mchu02.JPG (11932 bytes)Ms Chu Mee Lin retires-Aug 2000

Pusat Sains Chan Wa - Persatuan Sains dan Matematik - Lawatan 7 Sep 2000 ke Pusat Sains Petrosmallnew.gif (926 bytes)

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Travelling is learning

Prize-giving and Graduation ceremony
7 Nov 2000
[Can anyone pass me some pictures?]

Our Principal Retires
8 Nov 2000

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A tribute to Madam Wong

Ms Gan Poh Ling Retires
9 Nov 2000
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