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eMag 2002

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Chan Wa School Sports 2002

22 Feb 2002

02Sports001.jpg (10311 bytes) Paroi Jaya Stadium
02TrackOnYrMark002.jpg (7674 bytes) 02TrackOnYrMark004.jpg (7559 bytes) 02TrackOnYrMark009.jpg (10755 bytes)
Ke Garisan On Your Marks
02TrackGetSet005.jpg (9666 bytes) 02TrackGetSet007.jpg (9169 bytes)
Sedia..... Get Set
02Starter026.jpg (3672 bytes)Bang.JPG (5215 bytes) GO ! 02Track039.jpg (6393 bytes)
02Track008.jpg (7478 bytes) 02Track043.jpg (4497 bytes) 02Track044.jpg (4121 bytes)
02Track035BatonPassing.jpg (21122 bytes) And they passed the baton

Oh! what a relieve

Now it's your turn!

02Track036BatonPassing.jpg (12022 bytes)
02TrackFinish006.jpg (14571 bytes) He who gets the joy of winning,

deprives the loser the joy of running!

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