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Year 1999


Computer Fest 1999

The Computer Fest 1999 was conducted successfully with the participation of the following companies from Seremban:

                            PC Partners

                            First Integrators

                            Informatics     (Wisma Informatics, 443 Jln Tun Dr Ismail, Seremban)

                            Pelangi Computers

We express our sincere thanks to all the above participating companies for their cooperation in making this Fest a success. Our aim has been to introduce the latest hardware and software, as well as the courses available that they can introduce to students of our school students and teachers.

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99comfest04.JPG (6574 bytes)99comfest05.JPG (11454 bytes)

Keputusan Pertandingan Muzik Sekolah-sekolah Negeri Sembilan 1999 (Peringkat Sekolah Menengah Daerah Seremban)

1. Solo minus one (lelaki) – johan (Wong Chee Hoong)

2. Muzik solo (piano) – Naib Johan (Teo Li Chin)

3. Nyayian berhamoni - Naib Johan

Wang Chee Hoong, Ong Zhing Yu, Johann Ye, Lim Chai Ling, Tham Pei Qi, See Yik Ling

4. Solo minus one (perempuan) – Tempat Ketiga 

See Yik Ling

5. Tarian Rampai – Tempat Ketiga

Cheong Yih Eng, Lim Chiew Mei, Melissa Tan, Ho Wei Shan, Ng Pui See, Tee Siow Chin, Lee Li Wah, Cheong Siew Mei


Ground-breaking Ceremony for Chan Wa Branch School

99brnsch01.JPG (9241 bytes)99brnsch02.JPG (7641 bytes)

The exhibition team.

Visit to PCFair 99

99pcfair01.JPG (30106 bytes)Download for a larger picture.



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