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Sekolah Menengah Chan Wa Sekolah Menengah Chan Wa

Chan Wa Online

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Web Administartion

The Administration of the Web should not be the sole domain of the WebMaster, as this would mean that this Web Site is the view of just one person.

Neither should it come under only one single Department.

This Web Site should belong to the whole school. As such, all four Department Heads should contribute to our Web Site.

Here are some suggestions as to how the Department Heads can contribute to this Web Site:

Bidang Sains dan Matematik - Science & Maths Department

Laboratory policies and developments

Scientific developments

IT policies and administration

Bidang Bahasa - Language Department

Translations for our Bahasa Melayu and Chinese Language Pages

Bidang Kemanusiaan - Humanities Department

History of the school

Geographical location of our school (a new feature to be included)

Future developments in our school

Bidang Kemahiran Hidup

In general, all departments can contribute to our e-Education and e-Magazine pages, as we develop this concept further. The could also provide us with pictures of the school.

The unofficial WebMaster merely acts as the implementor of the Web Site, providing the technology and the means to update and create the necessary pages. The cooperation and the input from the various departments is extremely necessary for this Web Site to make it a true reflection of our school, making this site as the repository of information, policies and news about our school for our visitors. As chief advisor to the Computer Club (the only official post of the WebMaster) he can only suggest policies and vision for the IT administration of the school. He has no power to implement any of the suggestions beyond the scope of the Computer Room.

Often, when people ask us about information about our school, we refer them to our Web Site. This function of our Web Site will grow in importance.

We are planning to have three Web Sites: A trilingual Site (which is this site), a Bahasa Melayu Site (for local competition purposes) and a Chinese Language Site(for school and community development). We need input from the Department Heads as to how best to implement this concept.

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Created By SMJK Chan Wa

Computer Club Students & Internet Team

WebMaster: Yip Chi Kiong

Officially Launched on April 1999