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Memo to the Principal 4 Aug 2000

Chan Wa Cyber Corridor

This memo is in response to the email sent by a former student concerning the concept of the Chan Wa Cyber Corridor, as well as your query on it.

The Chan Wa Cyber Corridor is a very realistic Vision, a dream if you wish, that was conceived in 1997 to address the future development of our school’s I.T. needs. It has undergone many revisions, and will continue to be revised as our needs change.

The name has to be sufficiently good sounding, to give it a good image for us to strive towards. It has to be something worth working towards, to give us a sense of honest pride. It has to be higher than us. But it is not too high. Yet it has to be within our grasp. Otherwise, school life is a drudgery of day-to-day shortsighted, mundane tasks and petty quarrels.

The vision incorporates past, present and future computer purchases, many parts of which have already come true. Since the vision was conceived, the school has bought more computers for the Computer Room, the Office, the Library, Science Lab, K.H., and the Pusat Sumber.

Since its conception, we already have established a network in the computer room, connected to the INTERNET, developed our Home Page, and added an Internet Station for our Cyber Café project. Isn’t that great progress, and thanks to you as our principal to make our dreams come true!

The concept of Computers-In-Every-ClassRoom has been in development over the past few years in the Computer Room. Let the students not limit their imagination of this concept to only their own understanding of the concept, or of current technologies. As most people understand what a computer is, a computer in every classroom will be vandalised, stolen or damaged in one month. The cost will also be high. We have been developing some avant garde concepts in the Computer Room, concepts so beyond the imagination of most people that the development is not publicised except as in the pages of this Web Site.

In fact it is more real than our national Multimedia Super Corridor, because we are not that ambitious. All the technologies conceived are well within our financial and technical capability to achieve, now and in the future. Some of the concepts envisioned are true, though it is more difficult for ordinary students to grasp. Nothing is impossible in our Vision! I encourage debate on this issue, to better our vision.

As of 1 August 2000, all hardware and software computer development in the Computer Room is terminated. I am working on a new project, that is the DISCOVERY SCIENCE CENTRE. The more advanced concepts of Chan Wa Cyber Corridor will also be terminated. It is now downgraded to just the purchase of computers in many places around the School. The term 'Chan Wa Cyber Corridor' will eventually cease to exist, and will remain in these pages a little while longer, as a historical record. It will completely disappear from this Website when I cease to be Web Master.

I hope this will enable you to answer questions directed from our former students and outside people who query you about our Vision. In fact our Home Page is REALLY read by our former students, and is alive! It encourages me to make it better! We shall still maintain some old pictures of historical value. We will take out some. And add new ones. I’m looking for a good picture of our school façade to grace our front page. I don’t want to put in too many graphics on the first page, because it will slow down people’s first contact with us.

I’m using memos as an efficient corporate style of communication to express ideas that are difficult to express in verbal communications. You know, I’m not good at verbal communications. I’m always misunderstood. I hope this style is understood in this context. Thank you for your query.

Yip Chi Kiong


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